Final Posting ....

This Week Monday-Friday (this week):  Players should bring their uniforms and coats to the AD office

This Week Monday-Tuesday:  Varisty players should text coach their votes for the following post season awards: Warrior Award: This is the award we give to the player who on and off the field best exemplifies what it means to be a Warrior soccer player for WMC.   This can be a player who starts or is on the bench.   80 Minute Ready Award:  This award is for the player who showed up the first day of practice and was in condition, ready to play and 80 minute soccer game and/or worked at the highest rate to prepare for each and every game. 12th Player Award: This award is given to someone who gave us a spark off the bench. Most Improved Award: This award is given to the player who from the beginning of the season to the end worked the hardest to improve and improved from game to game.  
Next Week Monday, November 6:   Banquet from 6:00-8:30200 Harvey, Muskegon (Muskegon Career Tech Center - …

Week of October 23

Monday - Regional practice
Since the Regional site is natural turf, we will practice at OUR competition field.  3:30-5:15 - practice5:15–5:30 - Conditioning Tuesday - Regional Semi-Final
1:15 - Players dismissed from school1:15 - Sack meal provided to players (24 players; 3 coaches; 1 manager) (Goorman); Drink (Finley);   Desert (Boyink)1:30 - Threee vans leave for Cadillac (all players MUST ride in vans)3:45 - Vans arrive at Cadillac (9052 E 13th Street, Cadillac)5:00 - Regional Semi-Final game WMC vs Buckley (We are home and wear white; bring both)7:00 - Regional Semi-Final game Leland vs ???? (We MIGHT stay for a portion of this game, asssuming we win our game).9:30-11:00 - Return time to WMC
Wednesday - Assuming we win Tuesday
3:30 - 5:15 - Practice at OUR competition field 5:15 - 5:30 - Conditioning 
Thursday - Assuming we win Tuesday
2:00 - Players released from school and receive sack lunch (Fles/Alfree) and Drink (Moser)2:15 - Vans leave for Cadillac 4:30 - Vans arrives at Cadilla…

Week of October 15

NOTE: This week begins the tournament.   We are praying we all have one voice and one mind moving into the tournament.   I am so proud of these boys and look forward to their embracing the challenges every tournament brings ... Galatians 6:14 - “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ ...”

JV brings uniforms to athlete directors office3:00 - Team Meal - Dinner and Drink - Paquin; Desert - Breit5:00 - Varsity arrives at WMC for first district game - Away jerseys — bring both6:00 - Varsity game vs MCC  Tuesday
3:30 - Devotional - Johnscott and Isaiah3:30 - 5:15 - Practice5:15 - 5:30 - Conditioning Wednesday (assuming we win on Monday) - District Semi-Final Games
3:00 - Team Meal - Wisniewski; Desert - Hain5:00 - Varsity arrives to watch other bracket game6:45 - Vasity game vs North Muskegon - Home jerseys - Bring both Thursday
3:30 - Devotional - Joe and Josh B.3:30 - 5:15 - Practice5:15 - 5:30 - Conditioning  Friday (assuming we win on Monday and Wednesday) - …

Week of October 8

Monday - Wednesday (Compeition Week)

3:30-5:05 - Practice5:05-5:30 - Conditioning Wednesday - Picture day;  Varsity-3:15 and JV-3:50


3:15 - Bus leaves for Holland game - packed meals (JV - Vanorman; Varsity  Minasian)4:00 - Bus arrives in Holland5:00 - JV game vs Holland6:45 - Vasity game vs HollandGame played at:  600 VanRaalte Avenue, Holland 49423


3:30 - 5:30 - Practice

Week of October 2

NOTE:  The Varsity boys (and any JV players who want to team up with the varsity team) are going to use this week to raise awareness for Leukemia.   They will be given bracelets to give anyone who donates to the project.  The Varsity captains will be come up with some Friday night game activities to highlight the night.

Monday - October 2

3:00 - Devotional - Charlie3:00-5:00 - Pratice5:00-5:30 - Conditioning
Tuesday - October 3

No practice - Academic work 
Wednesday - October 4

Varsity: 3:00 - Devotional - JacobVarsity: 3:00-5:00 - PracticeVarsity: 5:00-5:30 - Conditioning JV:  3:00 (Meal to be announced ... this game was not on our list)JV:  4:15  JV leaves for Fremont for game.  We need two drivers for two vans. JV:  5:00 JV arrives in FremontJV:  6:00 JV game vs Fremont
Thursday - October 5

3:00 - Devotional - Jameson3:00-5:15 - Practice5:15-5:30 - Conditioning 
Friday - October 6 - Leukemia Awareness Game - Students and Fans wear Orange

3:00-3:45 - JV Meal (Moser) & Varsity Meal (V…

Week of 9/25/17 (Updated 9/25/17 10:00 AM)

Monday: (High Tempatures Reported)

Players are to bring their super-soakers; water guns; and balloons for water-ballon wars3:30 - Devotional (Andrew R)3:30-5:15 - Sprinkler Soccer - Water Wars5:15-5:30 - Conditioning Tuesday:   1:50 - JV players dismissed from school1:55 - JV meal distributed in parking lot (Parent: Pollock)2:00 - JV vans leave (we have two drivers for two vans for the JV)3:05 - Varsity meals distributed in parking lot (Parent: Nail)3:15 - Varsity leaves for Manistee away game - we need one parent to drive school van and other drivers to car pool 3:15 - JV arrives at Manistee for away game4:00 - JV Game vs Manistee4:30 - Varsity arrives for game vs Manistee 6:00 (or, 15 minutes after JV game) - Varsity game vs Manistee Wednesday:  3:30 - Devotional (Caleb)3:30-5:15 - Practice5:15-5:30 - Conditioning Thursday: 3:00 - Meals for both teams. JV is Eenigenburg; Varsity is Rasmusen; Drinks for both teams is Goorman4:00 - JV leaves for home field in vans for game (We still need …

Change in Friday's Game 9/22/17

There is a change in Friday's (9/22/17) game:

3:00 - Meals (Varsity-Rasmussen; JV-Moorhead)4:30 - JV arrives at field for game vs Shelby5:30 - JV home game vs Shelby5:30 - Varisty arrives at home field for game vs North Muskegon 7:00 - (or 20 minutes after the JV game) - Varsity home game vs NM